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Anna Dressed in Blood cover re-create contest!

  Para meus seguidores brasileiros: Este post é de uma giveaway de um blog americano, por isso é em inglês! Hoje mais tarde faço em Português junto com, possivelmente uma resenha!


  Hey, happy people!
  So, I was checking the blogosphere earlier today and I found this awesome cover re-create contest at super-awesome Patricia's Particularity (compliments deserved)! I've never actually participated in one of those, though I've always wanted to, and I decided to try, all of a sudden. Ok, not all of a sudden, I mean, one of the prizes is Anna Dressed in Blood! Really wanna read that... Anyways, I'm kind of late posting it so, sorry for the late warning, but part of it ends tomorrow so, if you want to enter, do it quickly! The contest is international and two winners can re-create and win one of these:

1. Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake (ends 10/7)
2. If I Die - Rachel Vincent (ends 10/7)
3. Dust & Decay - Jonathan Maberry (ends 10/14)
4. Blood Song - Rihannon Hart (ends 10/14)

  Cool prizes, huh? So, obviously, I'm trying for Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake so, here it goes, and remember it's my first try ever! Hope you like it!

My cover:

Original cover:

  Weird, I know, but at least I tried! Wish me luck!
  Good booking!

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